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Here are some pictures of the dogs and our farm. We are slowly winning the battle with tall grass, weeds, and old farm buildings. (have you ever heard of Teasle? It is particularly hard to get rid of thistle like plant.) The dogs don't care. They have fun wherever they are on the property, as long as their people are with them.
These four pictures go together. In case you don't know about Catalpa Trees........they have huge leaves,nice looking flowers in the spring, and long bean like pods that drop in the fall and spring. You would think that raking up the leaves in the fall would be a real pain, but unlike maple and oak leaves, there really isn't much too them and they completely disappear if you mow over them. The pods too don't need to be picked up as the lawn mower dissipates them nicely. (of course if you have a lawn that you keep looking like a putting green.......never mind.) Last year I saved some seeds and planted them this spring when I started the tomato and pepper plants.  They grew nicely and they are planted around the farm now.  I am planning on planting some more next year.  If you would happen to want some seeds to start some seedlings of your own, just let me know and I will send you as many seeds as you want.
Bubba says....Come on in Bogie!!!! The water's fine!!!!      And Bogie says....... No don't think so, I'll just watch.
Remember "Where's Waldo?"  Here you need to find Chopper and Peaches.  Hint.....only the tails show.  The water this year got so high here that it covered half the garden. This section is still too muddy to mow. The dogs think it is a prime hunting ground.
Anyone coming to our gate gets quite a greeting.
Some of these sunflower grew to be 12 feet high.
There is a farm right across the road from us that raises bison, beef cattle, and some crosses between the two.  I don't know much about cow breeds, but there really seems to be an assortment of critters. A couple of them have horns that are huge.
I believe this is a "Beefalo"
I am sometimes asked if our dogs get along well together. There are occasional differences of opinion, but generally this is how they get along. A little different version of Waldo--- here you need to find 6 dogs. 
Nitschke and Bogie
Bogie and Nitschke
The 3 Doxieteers?
It must have been something very interesting that crawled in there.........
We always figured that we wouldn't be able to go on for a long time because we don't sell our dogs that are no longer suitable for breeding to "pet homes".  We keep them.  Right now, two of our girls are getting a little too old to continue to have puppies, and our other two girls have difficulties with the birthing process, so instead of stopping gradually as we figured we would, we decided to stop abruply.   We are now in the process of spaying and neutering all of our dogs.  Sorry for any inconvenience this causes anyone, but we felt it was the best thing to do for our dogs. 
We won't be breeding dachshunds anymore...........